It’s never too early or too late to think about your superannuation. Did you know that next to owning a home, for many people superannuation will likely become their biggest asset? It can also be a tax effective way to invest your money.

We take the time to understand what your goals and needs are and can help find a plan that works best for you.

Here are some things we will look at with you:

  • When should you start contributing to your super?

  • Should you salary sacrifice?

  • Would a Transition to Retirement strategy work for you?

  • What are the benefits if you contribute for your spouse?

  • Should you consolidate your super funds?

  • Do you have any lost super?

  • When should you start topping up your super?

  • Can you take advantage of the Government's co-contributions?

We’ll be able to answer these questions by:

  • Reviewing the performance of your current super fund in relation to your goals

  • Making recommendations based on your goals and circumstances.

  • Recommending alternative fund providers for superannuation products.

  • Reviewing any insurance opportunities including buying insurance through your superannuation fund.


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